Wall paint

Item No.: ZP02
Wall paint from ZANBOND called PAC Health factor coating, using in inner wall painting
  • Brand Name Zanbond
  • Terms of Trade CFR/FOB/CIF
  • Payment Type LC/CASH/TT
  • Min. Order ONE BULK SAMPLE
  • Exporting Port NINGBO PORT
  • Usage Construction engineering, hospitals, nursing house, banks, etc
  • Description PARAMTER

    PAC Health Factor Coatings
    The original technology of PAC Health Factor Coatings comes from the Swiss Life Science Research Center. It is rich in PAC health factor technology and can sustain the release of negative oxygen ions. It is like being in the air of mountain waterfalls. It has been promoted for many years in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. It will surely become the first choice for China to pursue a high quality and healthy living class.