Company Technology
Adhering to the market-led, technology-driven, management and development of the concept, our manufactory has formed a large production scale, which includes annual output of inorganic thermal insulation mortar and various types of special mortar 300,000 tons, new foam insulation board (Phase I project) 1.2 million square meters,1 million square meters of thermal insulation decorative board, is the key backbone enterprise of the building materials industry in the Zhejiang province.

As a company with a sense of social responsibility and a sense of mission, all staff members love and practice the core values of socialism. In economic activities, it manifests its value and maximizes the benefit of the enterprise.  At the same time, it also advocates the dedication of "give benefit to the times and sincere back to society", and actively participates in various of social welfare charities and promotes the sustainable development of a harmonious society.

The company has an annual output of 45 million square meters. The new ceramic thermal insulation decorative board project is located in the southwest of Jinyun County. The transportation is convenient. The total scale of the park is 437 mu. After the project is completed, it will become the largest foam ceramic insulation board production base in China and even in Asia.

Five Advantages
1) Land and tax policies with local government privileges
2) The core technology of new foam ceramic insulation board production
3) The largest reserves and the best quality perlite ore resources in East China
4) The high-tech research and development team
5) The most advanced foam insulation board research and development equipment in China
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